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Rayven's Chainmaille - Christmas Scalemaille Flower Hair Clips

Scalemaille Flower Hair Clips

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Scale Chainmaille hair clip are handmade by me. Each hair clip is made to look like a flower with anodized aluminum scales. The clips the scalemaille flowers are attached to are stainless steel, and they are attached by jump rings and not glue. 

This one is perfect for the Holidays! The scales are a deep green and the ring centers a lovely red. Perfect to wear to that Christmas party.

Scalemaille hair clips work well in all sorts of hair types. I have thin silky hair and hair clips normally fall out of my hair and these stay put. They make a cute addition to any look.

Hair clip is a standard size. They are approximately 2 3/4 inches long from tip of the topmost scale petal to the end of the clip. They are approximately 1 3/4 inches wide at the widest part of the flower.

Anodized Aluminum is the unsung hero of metals. It's hypoallergenic, won't rust or tarnish, and it's extremely rare to have skin a reaction from it. I started my company because I have sensitive skin, as well as being allergic to nearly all metals, and anodized aluminum has been a blessing for me. It won't turn your skin colors either! It's lightweight and great for all skin types!

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