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The Creation of Rayven's Chainmaille

My name is Beth and I'm the Artist behind Rayven's Chainmaille. You can call me Rayven if you prefer. I use a pseudonym for my business, and for my Artist signature, because Rayven Sky was the name my mother assigned me at birth. But apparently back in the 80's in the US a husband could change the name on a birth certificate, and this is exactly what my mother's husband did. So to honor my mother I've been signing all of my artwork and creative pursuits with the name Rayven Sky since I was a child.

I started Rayven's Chainmaille after learning that I had a natural talent for the art of Chainmaille. My boyfriend at the time was making himself a suit of chainmail armor and on a whim tossed me a bag of rings and a pair of pliers and said 'You're crafty, see what you can make with these'. The next day I Googled Chainmaille making videos on YouTube and taught myself how to weave. 

I ended up liking it so much I ordered more supplies. People were so positive about what I was making that I started to expand. I started to vend at tiny markets and putting small displays in antique stores and gift shops. I created a few social media accounts for my fledgling business and continued to grow.

I eventually opened up an Etsy shop. Etsy proved to be a disappointment in that they charged so much for fees, and were so controlling, that I decided to dump them like a bad prom date.

I decided to brave the great unknown and make and publish my own website. This website was launched December 26th 2019. 

I'm excited to see where this new platform and stage in my journey and business takes me. It's a little scary at times, but with the help of my friends and of my loyal customers and followers I feel I can do it.

Time will tell.

Yours Truly,

Rayven's Chainmaille


  • Rayven, it so wonderful that you have this site. Etsy was terrible to use and downright crappy to you (and to other artists too). I’m glad you’re posting blog posts now. Keep your head high! ❤️

    Amber Stark
  • What a sad but great story!! Your work is absolutely gorgeous! I haven’t bought anything yet but I will be soon! Keep up the good work!!

  • You have an incredible gift. You create beautiful pieces of art that also makes people feel beautiful and that is priceless. Thank you 😊

    Jennifer Stiles

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