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New Year, New Metals

Guess what? I'm finally at place in my business where I can experiment with more diverse metals and findings! I'm so excited, to be honest. I've been wanting to try out Niobium, Titanium, and a plethora of other metals for a while. That day is finally here! 

I ordered a bunch of stainless steel rings as well. So expect to see more stainless items too. But today I received my order of titanium rings and coppers rings and I can't wait to pick up the pliers and start weaving! 

I have plans to get some Sterling silver rings. They are a large investment and I'm waiting until I have the right capital to do so. But don't let this stop you from ordering something in Sterling. I can always special order rings to make you whatever you want, in whatever metal you want.

I was surprised at how much titanium rings cost! I got excited expecting to buy several bags of rings, but alas the stars did not align. But I was able to get a large mixed color bag of my favorite size ring. I plan to make some rainbow like pieces with them. 

Now off to find my pliers! I have fun... I mean work to do ;)


  • Congratulations! I love seeing your business and confidence grow. You inspire me!

    Beth Alden
  • I love ❤️ titanium. The coloring has such variety and I found it to be pretty forgiving. Niobium is beautiful, but all versions from different suppliers have had color lasting problems. There are some nice colors though! Have fun!

    Jeannie Giles
  • Good luck! Some of those metals are unforgiving when bending, but very beautiful. I can’t wait to see your new creations. 😍

    Amber Stark

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