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Minor Rebranding of Rayvenmaille

Rayven's Chainmaille business rebranding rayvenmaille

I made a difficult decision. I'm doing some minor Rebranding. My business's social media accounts were all sorts of jacked up when it came to usernames and settings. It was causing integration issues and I really want everything to be seamless. So I changed all of my usernames across all of my social media platforms, and now they all match my website.

The main title of all my social media pages is still Rayven's Chainmaille, but the username across every single platform is now @rayvenmaille like my website.

Unfortunately changing this does change my vanity URLs for my social media pages. I predict this will cause some minor issues here and there, but eventually it will stabilized and all my platforms will be better with them all being spelled the same, called the same, and organized the same as my official website/store. It sucks that I have to buy new business cards now though, haha 😂







This feels so much cleaner, and far easier to find me because all of my stuff is the same. It's also a shorter name and easier to spell.

Hopefully this doesn't cause any of you confusion. Ultimately it should fix a lot of search issues and meld all of my accounts together to make it easier on everyone. 

I appreciate your patience while my business transitions through this. 

Yours Truly, 

Rayven's Chainmaille


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