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What is Micromaille? Why do I do it?

I'm weird. I think anyone that comes in contact with me for longer than five minutes recognizes this. One of the ways that I'm weird is that I like to make everything difficult and complicated. 

One of the ways I complicate my life is that I prefer small rings when I weave Chainmaille. The smaller, the better. A majority of Chainmaillers prefer larger gauges and sizes. My favorite ring size is 20 1-8. 

This size is considered by most to be called Micromaille. Now, that term doesn't have any real parameters, and it's widely debated on what that exactly means, but most Chainmaillers agree that I'm a micromailler. 

Sometimes this is hard to explain to people that aren't familiar with Chainmaille, in general. Some don't understand why my jewelry and accessories seem priced higher than other similar bracelets. The thing is, is that my items tend to have dozens, to thousands, of extra rings than a lot of similar bracelets. Depends on the piece, but chances are my version is the micro version of an item. Most tell me I don't charge enough for my intricate work. I'm told frequently it's like metal lace. 

Another thing that's hard to explain is that my pieces require care. They aren't meant to be worn 24-7 or thrown around. Think of an item from me to be like a delicate gold piece. You don't toss a gold bracelet in a purse or wear it to sleep. You gently place it in a safe place and keep it clean. I do have some basic care instructions on my website. I hope more people read it.

Being a micromailler makes me a specialty inside a specialty. And that can be pretty cool. I love this little niche I've found. And I have big plans for projects using ridiculously tiny titanium and stainless steel rings in the future. I just love small rings. I love the intricate patterns I weave. I love creating metal lace. I love my job. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Yours Truly,

Rayven's Chainmaille


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  • I love my micromaille bracelet! It’s so beautiful but you’re right it is delicate. Only wear it during special instances where I’m not taking care of my toddlers. In other news, my daughter’s scale maille flowers are still holding strong!

    Amber Stark

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